SD Card Image Creation from Windows 10


I was able to create my own custom SD card image for DB410c using following link on ubuntu 16.04.

Now , I want to share those images to my team mate who doesn’t have linux on his machine.

Does any one know any utility similar to “db-boot-tools” to create SD card partition on windows 10 ?

I can use “Win32 DiskImager.exe” to flash on the windows.

I’d be very surprised if there is any port of db-boot-tools for windows.

However, assuming you and your team mates have the same size SD card,
you can backup the full SD card image you have created by pointing
dd at /dev/XXX (e.g. raw disk image without any partition number).

It is easy to write images like this using Windows disk imager tools.

thanks for answering my question .

Yes, We have done the same thing for now …!!

I was asking about it because if have that tool than it would save my lot of time and internet bandwidth …!! :grinning: