SD card Hikey960

Hello all,

I found in the documentation that the SD card is not yet supported.
Any update concerning that?


It is very much supported on android, the only thing I can think of right now is booting from sdcard which is not supported but soon should be once we get everything on uefi

Hello Ric,

Thank you for your reply.
I meant booting from SD card. Is there someone working on this topic?

Hello Ric,

Any update concerning this topic?
Thank you for your efforts


Is it possible to run linux from SD Card? I think there were some work to support booting from SD CARD. Is the problem fixed now?


nope, It’s not supported yet afaik

Now it can boot from SD card on both HiKey and HiKey960. You need to make sure you’re using the UEFI build equal to or newer than #54.

And you need the debian build (

By default, v4.15 kernel is included in the rootfs. Maybe some device drivers are missing in kernel.

Can you add the link to the appropriate UEFI binaries within your latest post ?

You can try it on HiKey960. There’s still some issue on HiKey yet.

By the way, the latest debian is #15.

OK, thanks, i’ll try it during this weekend.

Thank you for your efforts. It works fine.
How can I disable autoboot? I want to run UEFI shell by default.
I changed the boot order but it seems the configuration can not be saved.
After a reset, the configuration is losed.
Any idea?

Since all flashing ops are done by the uce/fastboot blob
loaded into SDRAM, the l-loader can’t write to UFS.
You also need some separate partition space for boot environment variables (like fastboot does with ‘oeminfo’ on huawei devices?).

The UEFI boot directly takes me to grub, I have used the images given in the link provided.

Please help to try the latest images. I remember that the latest uefi is #69, and the latest debian is #17.