SD 410 kernel init fails, assigns internal flash to mmcblk1 and microsd to mmcblk0

Hi, when my board boots, selects the incorrect drives for mmcblk0 and mmcblk1. I have built my kernel (customized version of Linaro’s open source 5.15.7 kernel) based on the assumption that init assigns mmcblk0 to the internal flash, where my rootfs partition resides and assigns the microsd to mmcblk1. Instead, it assigns the microsd to mmcblk0 and the internal flash to mmcblk0. Thus, initramfs failes to locate the rootfs and issues the error message, “Gave up waiting for root file system device.”

Sometimes it does assign the drives as expected, so I guess the solution involves changing the behavior of some non-deterministic set of operations. Any suggestions where do that? /etc/fstab?

Thank for any help.