Screen resolution

Hi there

Running HiKey960 with official android image

I know what the device will try to go for 1080p screen resolution, and if it fails, it will try 720p.

But what happens if i have a different screen ? in my case, one that is 1360*768.
The screen looks “out of bound”. I can see the center of the screen, but no title with a clock or back/home buttons (if any).

Do we have a way to change screen resolution manually, lets say via config file ?



I think you mean ROCK960, not Hikey960, right? If the screen is out of bound, you can go to Setting->HDMI->Zoom to change the HDMI over scan.

There is no clock or back/home button since the default is android TV launcher, you can use mouse right as back and mouse middle as home. You can also install other launcher as you like.