S24_LE format audio?

I’ve been having trouble accessing S24_LE audio. The driver for the soundcard claims it is supported (or at least it lets me access it) but any time I choose S24_LE as the audio input format I get nothing but noise. S16_LE does work.

I’ve tried both formats using arecord as well as with RtAudio in a C application.

Is S24_LE actually supported or is this an error in the driver? Has anyone else encountered this issue?

System Details:
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 (jessie)
Release: 8.6
Codename: jessie


I am sorry, I can’t answer your question but I am also interested in using my DragonBoard as an audio recorder. Which soundcard/ADC did you use?


I’m using the ‘soundcard’ built into the SoC. It’s part of the PM8916 PMIC which is integrated with the processor.