S2 Power Button, Can I install a external



I see there is a S2 power button. Is there a way to connect an external button?


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just Desolder the existing button and add a wire extension




Hi @QueOnda

Even simpler. No need to unsolder the button the board or add wires to the board. When you press S2, it pulls the signal “PHONE_ON_N” low. The signal PHONE_ON_N is connected to pin 4 on the low-speed connector, you can add an external switch between Pin 4 and pin 2 (GND). The switch should be normally open, and when you press the switch it shorts pins 2 and 4, which is exactly the same as pressing the power-button on the board.

The power button signal is part of the 96Boards CE specification. Many of the available mezzanine boards have a power-button on them because when you install a mezzanine board you can no longer reach the on-board buttons. Same with the Reset Button.

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Thank you! Where can I find the mazzanine boards?


Look up near the top right of this screen, pull down “Products” and select “Mezzanine Products”.