Running seL4 on Hikey

I wanted to know if anyone has run seL4 on HIkey in this Forum before, I have AOSP running on my board now I want to replace it with seL4 I have two questions regarding these.

  1. Should I reflash l-loader, fip , ptable
  2. Can someone explain in few words what l-loader, fip and ptable are.
  3. Is there a tutorial on creating boot partition for hikey

Thank you

ptable is the short form of partition table. It contains the information on how to partition your internal eMMC storage space.

I’m afraid I’m not aware of anyone else working on seL4 for Hikey at the moment.

The best available description of the boot and firmware code is found here: . It should allow you to regenerate the l-loader and fip binaries if you wish to.

The key question is what sort of loader seL4 requires. Ideally it should support (or be altered to support) being loaded by a UEFI compatible loader. If that is possible then the seL4 kernel could be copied into the boot partition and loaded by grub (i.e. pretty much the same as a PC).