RTC module for dragonboard 845c

I have a dragonboard 410c. I’m trying to make a car radio on Android using dragonboard 410c and I’m happy with almost everything. but I don’t like that it doesn’t have an RTC module. I looked for information, and it turned out that the I2C bus is not available in Android or they did not write code for it to control it. I found only GPIO control for android. I found a local USB RTC module in my city, but I didn’t write the software for it. The program runs but does not record time in the system clock. Having studied the diagrams on DB4, I found a mention of the RTC module. It is also in the picture, but it turns out it is connected to the I2C1 bus. There is no way to buy a board. The Ambiq Micro AM1805 RTC module, which is installed in the DB4, cannot be purchased for sale either. I was able to purchase a dragonboard 845c for experiments. The payment is still on its way to me. Tell me, will it be possible to implement a Non-volatile clock in AOSP on the Dragonboard 845c?