Rpb 16.12

Hello, I just saw there is a new rpb release here:

Is this something we should consider to use on the dragonboard ?
We are actually using jethro in multilib.

Is there any release notes ?

Hi Felix,

I also asked a similar question about 16.12 on another thread.

You can refer to it. Hope it helpful.

Best regards,

Thx Daniel, weird that they released it since its canceled.

the 2 releases are 2 different things:

  • The Debian 16.12 release was canceled (e.g the link from @daniel-hung)
  • The link from @felixdb is about the OpenEmbedded 16.12 release which was done recently (and not canceled). I can’t find the release notes right now… I am not sure if/when the release happened…