Rootfs or userdata?

Looks like the new bootloader tools (version 28) create a rootfs partition instead of userdata partition.

If this is a valid change then the installation instructions need to be updated accordingly.


this is correct (and you were really fast, this was done a couple of hours ago!). I had done some doc updates, but you are right, that some pages were still referring to userdata. I have submitted 2 patches to fix the doc. thanks for your help! The 2 patches should be merged soon hopefully.

We have aligned the GPT scheme with the one we use on 410c. e.g. we have a “linux” GPT scheme where we expect users to flash the rootfs on the partition ‘rootfs’, and for this scheme we no longer have the various android partitions (cache, system, userdata, …).

We will create an Android GPT scheme (and so, an Android bootloader package) , in the coming weeks.

Thanks. You need to rebuild the kernel as well.

boot-linaro-buster-dragonboard-820c-168.img.gz contains :


yes, the change was implemented for #169 and onwards.