Rock960C does supports mask-rom mode?

Dear all,
I bought Rock960C (4GB DDR) boards appends Rock960b model for testing stereo camera grabbing.
Anyway I’ve been compiled all sources for AARCH64 and now booted up well from Rock960B.
I’ve been wasted time for trying mask-rom mode as like Rock960B to waiting for detection of USB-C port sens to on developing desktop as mask-rom mode flashing.
So I like to know - Rock960C doesn’t support mask-rom write mode as like Rock960B ?
Or I need to do something more ?

Plus, I bought eMMC board but it dosen’t contains “sd to eMMC adaptor” inside. Is it an optional ? I bought all from VAMRS on line store.

Thanks for read, Regards Raph.

Hi, Raph

A quick answer. For rock960c, please use the eMMC to sd adapter and write images since the eMMC is pluggable. If you prefer USB OTG writing, you need a USB male A to A cable and connects to the USB 3.0 OTG port.

Thank you @hipboi !!

I received a rock960 “C” a couple of days ago, and last night was attempting to get it working.
I managed to make it work (to some extent) with libreelec – simple matter of dd’ing the libreelec image to a microsd card and switching it on. Unfortunately, the onboard wifi doesn’t work with libreelec, and further, it is missing a few things that would be easily obtained with the Android image.

Unfortunately, dd’ing the Android image to the sdcard doesn’t work. I’ve come to understand that the Android image is actually in a proprietary intermediate format instead of being a proper disk image, and therefore has to be installed to the board using “rkupdate”, which also requires that the board be booted into a special mode by holding the maskrom button while resetting it.

Now also looking at this thread, it appears that the board is actually wired incorrectly, abusing one of the USB-A ports as a device port, rather than correctly using the USB-C port.

I’ve tried all combinations of attaching this board to my laptop using the rock960c’s USB-A and USB-C ports, and with the host/device switch in both positions. It does not work, the rock960c is never detected by the laptop’s kernel.

Further, plugging a peripheral into the USB-A port adjacent to the USB-C port also does not work (in libreelec), with the switch in either position. There is not even power supplied to the peripheral on the +5V pin. Effectively, this board only has one working USB port, which is the USB-A port aligned to the side of the board. Very disappointing, but something I could overlook if provided with the proper details for preparing the sdcard directly on the laptop instead of through the rkupdate hack.

Hi, @doitright

I am sorry for the confusion. For android, we have switched to GPT for easy installation. You can just download the android image from the following link:

and dd it to sdcard or eMMC module to boot.

We will update the documents.