Rock960C does supports mask-rom mode?


Dear all,
I bought Rock960C (4GB DDR) boards appends Rock960b model for testing stereo camera grabbing.
Anyway I’ve been compiled all sources for AARCH64 and now booted up well from Rock960B.
I’ve been wasted time for trying mask-rom mode as like Rock960B to waiting for detection of USB-C port sens to on developing desktop as mask-rom mode flashing.
So I like to know - Rock960C doesn’t support mask-rom write mode as like Rock960B ?
Or I need to do something more ?

Plus, I bought eMMC board but it dosen’t contains “sd to eMMC adaptor” inside. Is it an optional ? I bought all from VAMRS on line store.

Thanks for read, Regards Raph.


Hi, Raph

A quick answer. For rock960c, please use the eMMC to sd adapter and write images since the eMMC is pluggable. If you prefer USB OTG writing, you need a USB male A to A cable and connects to the USB 3.0 OTG port.


Thank you @hipboi !!