Rock960 - How to connect to WiFi Network that has a WPA Passcode?

I have a Rock 960 board, and I downloaded Ubuntu 16 on it as provided in the guide you have. We copied it to an SD Card, placed the SD Card on the Rock960, and ran it. The Ubuntu OS launched with no hiccups, however, when we are trying to connect to our WiFi Network using the iwconfig, it gave us an error.

Our WiFi Network has a WPA Passcode, not WEP. We tried using wpa-supplicant following various guides, but with to no avail - we get a blank screen on startup.

Is there any guide here that you guys can provide on how to connect to a WiFi Network that is WPA Protected? We’re on Ubuntu 16.043 LTS. Thank you.

Is there network-manager?

nmcli dev wifi connect SSID password PASSWORD