RKNN API 1.6 for RK3399pro (Ficus2 board)

I’m trying to work with C++ RKNN API version 1.6. There were no problems with version 1.4.
I have converted mobilenet model to *.rknn, then I compiled C++ program with the new *.so library.
But earlier I worked through npu_transfer_proxy. Now documentation states that we must work through adb:

adb push install/rknn_mobilenet_demo /userdata/

But when I’m trying to show adb devices with command “adb devices”, the list is empty.

  1. Is there any option to work with 1.6 API through npu_transfer_proxy?
  2. Maybe the problem is that Ficus 2 is not working with 1.6 API through adb?