RIL Integration On Marshmallow

Hi All,
I interfaced telit le910 with dragon410 which was running android 5.0 and it worked perfectly, Now i upgraded the Android to 6.01 (LA.BR.1.2.7-01010-8x16.0_6.0.1_Marsh_Mallo_P2) and here the phone service is crashing repeatedly. Any one knows what is the issue, is there any precise modification is required in case of Marshmallow.


As long as i remember the files were changed recently and now it should boot fine.
The last release was in December i think.
Just try to re download the LA.BR.1.2.7-01010-8x16.0_6.0.1_Marsh_Mallo_P2 and check if you have the latest.
Thank you, Leonid.