not working

Any help on expanding the roots partition on the scard? I am able to create a bootable scard (64 GB SDXC Sandisk).

The is not working on my board (linaro hikey 64bit board).

The image seems to be set for 2GB SD card and doesn’t take advantage of remaining space on my SD card. Running resize-helper on the board returns error: “Error: Invalid number.”
Furthermore, the board won’t boot if I extend the rootfs beforehand using Parted.

I’m using the resize-helper from

The landing image comes from:

Hi @dill-richard,

We are aware that the SD image uploaded at bellow do not boot after the

Do you mind trying the latest RPB 16.06 Debian from here?

I will try this one…might take a day to get time to work on it.

Ok I followed instructions here for fastboot installation:

The device won’t even boot up now! nothing is displayed on the monitor. I used existing binaries and everything but no go. Please help.

let me update. the little green light on the board is flashing (as if it booted up) but there is nothing outputted to the monitor. Very annoying as this is supposed to be latest build for device.

UPDATE: it appears to be working with a different monitor! I don’t understand.

Hi @dill-richard,

I have three HDMI displays and only one could show the screen with 96Boards.

I am not completely sure but 1080p with only 60Hz HDMI display seems to have a better luck.

Linaro’s RPB 16.06 Debian image isn’t working for me. I tried multiple HDMI monitors, all stay black.

Is there a solution to the original sdcard resizing issue with the hikey-jessie_alip_20151130-387 image?
When can we expect a new working image to be released?

I guess I have to wait for a bootloader fix before I can start using the HiKey board.

[RPB] Boot hangs after firmware initialized when SD card installed

RPB 16.06 Debian image isn’t working for me either. LED4 stays lit all the time. I don’t think it is even booting.

However, the SD image for 1511 release works just fine. But I’m also hitting the same problem where SD fails to boot up again if I resize the / partition. Very frustrating.

I don’t know if this is a SD card or HDMI issue.

But I got the 16.06 Debian image to work via the fastboot method :