Remote debug GDB for Java project


I got the Remote GDB setup using Eclipse running C program on 410c board with Linaro Linux.
Now, I try to run Java code on 401c board, anyone has procedures how I can do the same ?

Remote GDB for Java development from PC ?
I tried running Eclipse on 410c board for Java but it is very slow.


I think you are probably included gdb in your web searches by mistake! For java debug there is no need to involve gdb.

Try something like “remote java debugging eclipse” and you should find a bunch of suitable tutorials.

Note that Eclipse’s built-in manual isn’t super helpful because it tells you how to attach a debugger to a running java process but doesn’t tell you how to launch a JVM on the DB410C that the debugger can attach to however this shouldn’t be the top search results so don’t worry too much about that.