Reference manual on graphics hardware for HiKey960

I’m trying to write a frame buffer driver for OP-TEE & HiKey960, but there doesn’t seem to be much information on the graphics hardware. I looked at the reference manual (HiKey960_SoC_Reference_Manual.pdf), but there aren’t much in there. Where can I find detailed information on things like video memory, registers, etc. to write a frame buffer driver?

Hi @steveyko,

Hisilicon hasn’t published detailed technical reference manual for Kirin960. But you can find some useful information in the kernel DRM driver.

@Mani I don’t know if you’re affiliated with Hisilicon, but do you know if they have a plan to release a reference manual? Or somehow I get access to it? I’m an academic researcher, and what I am doing is purely for research. There is the source code for a Linux frame buffer driver for HiKey960 that I am reading now, but without a reference manual, I find it difficult to follow everything there.

I don’t think they’ll ever publish more detailed manual.

Got it, thanks much for your answer.