Recovery Flashing using Windows 10

I have successful to do full recovery flashing in Windows 10 for hikey 970 and my repository as follow but I’m still working on guide and I might able to do finished it during my weekend. Hope I can get feedback after I have complete the guide.

Youtube guide.

Hey, thanks for this! I followed the instructions on my windows 10 pc last night but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I got all the same prompts you received in your video, with the exception of the hikey970 being found during the flashing (step 7.8 on your github). When I booted the hikey today I still had AOSP installed and not lebian. Any suggestions?

Did you install all the dependencies correctly?
You must use Python 2.7, Python 3+ may not work.
If you not able to see the auto-detect part, you might need make changes to recovery.bat as following.
-Comment out all the code after line 61 and re-run the batch file on administrator prompt.
If it still fail, run a few more times until you see success. I know this do sounds weird but sometime it helps. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you still fail, screenshot it and let me see anything I can help. :wink:
I might reply very slow because I do this for fun. :laughing:
Enjoy playing your board.