Recommended small SPI/I2C displays for the DragonBoard


We are looking into displays that have good support for the DragonBoard. We have found the following options:

All of these displays have different inputs, namely:

  • I2C (Driver ST7789H2-G4)
  • SPI (Driver ST7789S)
  • SPI (ST7789H/HX8525)
  • SPI (ILI9341)
  • SPI (ST7789S)

Do you have any recommendation on which screen has better support on the DragonBoard 410c?

Thank you in advance,


We are trying to make it easy to use LCD and some devices on 96boards.

Probably MIPI-DSI will not be selected as the first choice since it requires using the HS connector.
The I2C are on the LS connectors but some drivers are not always implemented on both I2C and SPI even the chips are supported.

The combination of I2C devices plus mainline kernel support would be good and please give us some time.

Hi thank you for your reply. For us using the HS connector won’t be a problem as long as there is good support for the display. Does this type of connection have good kernel support?

Please keep us posted on the developments on I2C devices and kernel support.


Hi Damian,

Have you tried to enabled spi based LCD with DB410? (i.e st7789)

Arjun Salariya