Questions about HiKey960's WiFi connection and Mac address

Questions about HiKey960:
I can connect to WiFi, but why can’t I access the Internet?And,why isn’t the Mac address available?
I need your answer very much.

Are you running latest image ? seems that someone already meet the MAC address setting issue:

Could you please open an issue on bugzilla regarding this particular point.

Regarding your Internet issue, do you have a correct IP address assigned to your device? any exclamation mark at the WiFi symbol in the status bar ?

I’ve already submitted questions about the Mac address.
Where should I go to download the latest images?

Hmnn… if its a question then it probably shouldn’t go in the bug system until it is clear that it is a bug. There’s nothing in a question that an engineer can fix.

Bug reports need to be roughly of the form. I did this, this is what I expected to happen, this is what actually happened. That makes it much more clear whether the observed behaviour is a bug or not.

So regarding MAC address, can you describe how you tried to lookup the MAC address. In this particular case (looking up a MAC address in Android GUI) there have been at least four different ways to lookup the MAC address over the years. Perhaps you are just using an out of date technique… (I’m afraid I can’t just answer right now, I’m travelling and don’t have my board plugged in at the moment).