Question about Hikey960 wifi setting on Hikey-kernel-4.14 with AOSP images

I’m trying to test some kernel net patch but those patches are in new kernel version , I can only backport them to 4.14 .

The test I want to build is like:

  1. laptop & Hikey960 connect to same AP and laptop client sending TCP packet to Hikey960 server app
  2. laptop connect to Hikey960(as AP) and then perf packet as 1

The question is in each test, the Hikey need to act as station or AP ,I don’t quite sure how to set it without a touchscreen, also I do not find wifi related log in dmesg(find wpa_suplicant conf file in ./vendor/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf but do not find related bins)


Why not using USB mouse ?

Don’t think there is much in dmesg but you should be able to see message(s) about wl18xx/wlcore.
If you have a wlan device in /sys/class/net/, this is a good indication that driver has initialized the WiFi controller.

@Loic Thanks for reaching out!

Tried with USB mouse and HDMI , the AP mode is OK for me, but for some situation that do not get a screen, any command line way to enable wifi connection?

You can enable wifi as root with the following command:

svc wifi enable