QFIL tool for 820c? Is QFIL same as QDL?

I just found a tool called QFIL. I downloaded the latest (V2.0.3.5) and tried it with a custom 820 board, but it didn’t work.
I am looking for a tool which runs on Windows and can use to burn firmware, instead of running QDL on Linux. Is QFIL supposed to work for that, maybe with some changes to files?

It worked. We use a SOM from a third party, but I assume it is very similar to Dragonboard 820c.

There are a few things to make it work. What worked for us was:

  • In rawprogram.xml, remove the out most tag.
    Also remove lines with sec.dat and mdtp.img – those were ignored in QDL but causes an error in QFIL.
  • In patch.xml, remove the out most tag.
  • QFIL package I downloaded didn’t include fh_loader.exe. I had to copy it from QPST package.

We don’t usually use Linux box so it is really nice to be able to do the same thing on Windows reiablly.