Problems flashing Linux images to HiKey960


I am trying to bring the linux images to the HiKey960 as described in some other posts here:

Bringing the board into fastboot mode
sudo fastboot flash boot boot-.img
sudo fastboot flash dts dt-
sudo fastboot flash system rpd-console-image*.img

I tried several images also the rpd-console-lava-image*.img which at least gets one LED to flash up.

However, when i power up the board and what the output over UART it just does not fire the kernel. It shows the usual output which is also displayed in recovery and fastboot mode followed by some cryptic letters and then it stops.

Any advice would be nice.


Did you changed switch back from flashing mode

hi, yes i did switch back to normal boot mode.

where did you download it from?

I downloaded the images from here:

+have you updated to uefi, these are uefi image, they do not have dt.img file

not now, how do i update the board to uefi?

Were you able to install Linux on the board ?