Problem with Debian in dragonboard410c,auto reboot then not working

I am trying to install Debian from sd card to eMmc, it’s almost 1.6 Gb in size and called “Dragonboard-410c-sd card-installer-buster-359” following a method from here

and even its installed successfully but after some time its reboot automatically then Debian never wake up again, I don’t know what actual problem is, nothing is shown on a display.

I was done installation so many times but the result is same.

I’m using HDMI for display and when the hardware is rebooted then user-led 1 and 2 continuously blinking and after some time led 2 is off, only led 1 is continuously blinking.
is it watchdog problem ?

Do you remove SDCARD or switch off SD boot after installation ?
Any serial console output ?

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Thank you for reply,
yes after successfully installation I remove SD card and turn off SD boot option on board,nothing is shown after reboot on monitor.
means when installation is completed,system is even boot up and i run sudo apt-get upgrade command then after sometimes it will reboot automatically and then never woke up(HDMI not working)

sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64

There’s an issue with the way the kernel is updated currently. Once you’ve done this make sure not to let synaptic or aptitude upgrade the kernel either.

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Thank you ,problem solve :v:

i have same issue, but i would not how to solve this now, do i need to reinstall debian buster again ? its take to much time … please guide

sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64

above command working fine, it hold the package. but in case if it updated how we can reset the linux image please provide all steps thanks

For alternate option to avoid upgrade issue and update kernel as well, try to follow steps listed here: