Problem when enabling Bluetooth on Dragon Board with Debian

I am writing an app in JS/NodeJS for Debian to manage Bluetooth BLE.
I spend several days troubleshooting a problem:
When using the Bluetooth my WIFI dropped and loose the connection.
After investigations the result is: my BLE does NOT work properly, works sporadically and with much problems.

I finally used the same code on another 2 other SBCs (other brands, not Dragonboard) and also tried the same code on a X86 Linux and all work fine. The code sounds fine.

I finally added a BLE dongle to my DragonBoard, force kill the Bluetooth RF of the board and all works fine.

My question is (and maybe seems to be obvious): Is this a known problem? or is my Bluetooth drive bricked?
Using BlueZ version 5.43 and Debian 4.9.34-linaro-lt-qcom

BTW: I do not have another board to check, my other Dragonboard is running Android and also with a BLE app working fine.


There is a known BLE/WIFI coexistence issue with the current Wifi firmware, this should be fixed with upcoming firmware update.

Ok, thank you @loic for the answer. I will wait for the new release. Did not find anything on the forum on the subject. Maybe did not search well :slight_smile:

@jmjobin, the issue seems finally fixed now, at least with latest Debian snapshot (firmware and drivers have been patched).