Problem re-building rpb (console)

Hi, I am trying to rebuild the rbp-console-image for the 410c by following the instructions here and an getting an error related to fixing up symlinks

DEBUG: Executing python function sstate_task_prefunc
DEBUG: Python function sstate_task_prefunc finished
DEBUG: Executing python function do_package
DEBUG: Executing python function package_get_auto_pr
DEBUG: Python function package_get_auto_pr finished
DEBUG: Executing python function perform_packagecopy
DEBUG: Python function perform_packagecopy finished
DEBUG: Executing python function split_and_strip_files
ERROR: debugsrc symlink fixup failed with exit code 512 (cmd was find /sdd/peter/DB410c/build-rpb/tmp-rpb-glibc/work/aarch64-linaro-linux/nspr/4.12-r0/package/usr/src/debug -type l -print0 -delete | sed s#/sdd/peter/DB410c/build-rpb/tmp-rpb-glibc/work/aarch64-linaro-linux/nspr/4.12-r0/package/usr/src/debug/##g | (cd ‘/sdd/peter/DB410c/build-rpb/tmp-rpb-glibc/work/aarch64-linaro-linux’ ; cpio -pd0mL --no-preserve-owner ‘/sdd/peter/DB410c/build-rpb/tmp-rpb-glibc/work/aarch64-linaro-linux/nspr/4.12-r0/package/usr/src/debug’ 2>/dev/null))
DEBUG: Python function split_and_strip_files finished
DEBUG: Python function do_package finished
ERROR: Function failed: split_and_strip_files

Anyone got any clues?

hi Peter, Have you tried to execute the failing command manually to find out what is the bit of the pipe failing?

If you grep for “debugsrc symlink fixup failed with” in the following file [1] you will see the command pipe to execute.

for the input parameters you can just refer to your error message