Problem of install Android from SD card


I have successfully to install the Linux system by SD card and boot the board as well. But while I try to install the Android, I could flash the software on the board. The screen show success message. But once I removed the SD card, put the switch back to 0000 and turn on the board. The board start and the LED 4 will show green sign for a minutes. But there is nothing on my screen.

Could anyone suggest what happen here? thanks!


Are you using the 16.06 (a.k.a. -118) release? A number of people have reported difficulties with this release. Please could you try again using the 16.03 (a.k.a. -99) release?

Thanks for this info, maybe it will help

Perhaps this is a more useful reply, why is there no problem with seeing a display after a board reset or a board re-flash, only after it boots into the os?

Only after it boots into the os?

Compared to the Android builds the SD card installer uses a different graphics stack (the installer uses the open source similar to the Debian builds). The effect of this is that the installer (and the Debian build) supports a much wider range of monitors than the Android build.

If memory serves the Android build runs with a fixed video mode and therefore will only work with display devices that can support FullHD in HDMI mode (note that some computer monitors support FullHD but only in DVI-D mode).

Actually this topic is pretty old and there has been a new Android release since. Probably better to continue discussion here:

Turned out to be my power supply was being loaded down during peak activity.

Finally got all the bugs worked out and Android re-installed, but I cannot find a web browser??

Brian, I am the other one reporting these issues with booting into Android; what power supply are you using? I bought my board from Amazon, so I have the one that was bundled: GME24A 12V/2A.