Powering 96board with mezzanine board


Quick question, is it possible to power all the 96boards with mezzanine board (through SYS_DCIN pins in LS connector) with 10V and 2A?

Thanks :blush:

All 96Boards? No.

For a start IoT Edition boards don’t have these pins connected at all (they are 5v only) and for Enterprise edition boards accepting power on the 12v rail is optional (and may even not be recommended).

However all the Consumer Edition support being powered by the LS connector. 10V at 2A is only 20W though… I’d prefer 12V :wink: but I think that’s probably OK. A 24W power supply is commonly used with 96Boards and some of the power budget is to power the mezzanine… in your use case all of the 20W is for the base board!

Just to add a little more about enterprise edition… these boards are permitted to use ATX power supplies (which implies that have no on-board power converters to take 12V down to 5V and 3.3V).

Even when the board accepts a single DC input the power required by the board may more more than can be supplied via the LS connector (which is has fairly low current limits).

Thanks for thorough answer :relaxed:
I design a mezzanine board and I have dragonboard 410c as my test platform and on that board specification I read out some power requirements. That’s why the question. The problem is that I want to target 3s to 6s Li-Po-s as a power supplies (~8A needed, 2A for dragonboard and rest for other stuff) therefore I figured is it ok to power 96boards with 9,6V or 10V or so.