Power button shutdown delay

We found that we can set the power button to shutdown the device by setting HandlePowerKey=poweroff in /etc/systemd/logind.conf, but shutdown happens to fast (approx. 3 sec).
Can we control this delay? Preferably without changing the kernel drivers or device tree.

which software release are you running, I don’t think shutdown button is exposed (only volume up or down), are you sure your systemd rule do anything (it can be a hardware/pmic reset shutdown)? what if you push the button without that rule?

We are running release/qcomlt-4.14. By default button triggers a reset/reboot. When we set it to poweroff it changes its function.

We found mention of pwrkey in pm8994.dtsi which uses pm8941-pwrkey.c driver, but we are not sure if we are on the right track.