Power Adopter For DragonBoard 410c


i just received my DragonBoard 410c but not found power adopter in it, which make me confuse, searching lot on power adopter but not found a perfect adopter which satisfy my need. cloud you guys give me the link for adopter, but please do remember i’m from Pakistan so few web support shipping.

also please guide adopter power in Volt and Amp .

This board supports a fairly wide range of power supplies but most commonly people use 12V 2A power supplies with these boards.

The most commonly available supplies will come with a 5.5/2.1mm DC jack. This does not fit the board but it often easier to buy these commonly available supplies and purchase an addition adapter to work with the 4.5/1.7mm DC jack found on the board.

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Thanks for your quick reply, information really helpful, Now, i’m able to buy adopter … :+1: