Possible to use P20 Pro image?

Since the hikey970 uses the kirin970 SoC, shouldn’t it be feasible to use an android image from a phone that uses the same chipset? For example, the P20 Pro is nearly identical in specs and uses the kirin970 chipset. I’m trying to flash the LineageOS made for the P20 Pro to see if I can get it working and have the drivers for the GPU working.


My problem is, the image partitions are named differently and I’m not sure which partition to flash to which on the hikey970. Any thoughts from the more experienced? Does anyone think it might be possible to extract the drivers for the SoC and integrate them into a blank AOSP image?

Its not that simple.
First of all, you have different partition layout.
Second, you have signatures and cryptography to deal with.
Third, you have a completely different set of peripherals – the display in particular comes to mind.
Fourth, things aren’t all wired up to the same pins.

If you want to run AOSP on hikey970, you should start with the hikey970 aosp device tree.

Does the device tree have drivers to take advantage of the G72?

When I referred to the display, I mean with respect to being a mipi panel (as would be on a phone) or HDMI (as on the sbc).

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “drivers to take advantage of…”

One of the issues running linux on it is that you can’t use the G72 to accelerate anything running on it. I wanted to know if it was possible to play android games on it?

So you are asking if graphics acceleration (opengl, vulcan, etc.) is available on the board?
Yes, of course it is.
G72 is a Mali “Bifrost” GPU and supported by the “Panfrost” driver in Mesa, which is provided in AOSP: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/mesa3d/

Its worth noting that the mesa panfrost driver is available in GNU/Linux as well as Android, but I can’t speak as to being included, or of a sufficient version in whatever distribution (and version) you happened to consider an “issue”.