Possible creat a guide for Enable Mali support on Debian/hikey920

Hello here,
i found a easy to understand tutorial to enable Mali in Debian/hikey960.
" sudo dtc -I fs /proc/device-tree | grep mali "
A device-tree-compiler found and user-space copyed.
But build the Kernel

Negative Effects editing this kernel building documentation to build utgard kernel?
Some idea for the make line and this =y =n =m in
make -C /usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r)/ M=${PWD}/DX910-SW-99002-r9p0-01rel0/driver/src??? there are to many folders .

An other site let me know thats wrong.

I usee this documentation

i make a break
best regards


You do not have permission to access this file.


It seems the link has changed. Use this: https://releases.linaro.org/components/toolchain/binaries/7.2-2017.11/aarch64-linux-gnu/gcc-linaro-7.2.1-2017.11-x86_64_aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.xz

I am not able to understand the issue you are facing with OpenCL guide for Debian/hikey960. Can you be more precise regarding the issue?

Hi @sumit.garg

for the first i give it up to install mali/ump utgard kernel driver.
I think the kernel driver not make for linux debian stretch minimal 4.19.5-hikey.

i try linux-sunxi tutorials, didnt work,

i try toturial to compile from surce // developer.arm // github.surce //
KDIR=/usr/src/linux* UMP*=0 BUILD=DEBUG ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE= make,

didnt work.

And at last i watch the linaro releases website an see
the alip version run with Debian Jessi not with stretch.

GPU works only on

is that right :wink:

Are you trying to reuse following guide to build mali utgard kernel driver for other platforms (as hikey960 uses mali-bitfrost kernel driver)?


i have seen the gpu 960 guide
and realize, shortly i take a lot of time
building a hikey620 grafical tv center dosent work.
And now i found a lot of other thinks i can do with
this elektronic blinklight warfare mashine . :wink: