Positive results with 15.11 Debian release

I have seen exciting, positive results with the Debian release.

First and foremost, the browser is far more stable. For example, I have three test videos on youtube that I use for testing and they have had positive, stable results.

I seem to be experiencing wifi issues, though, which I cannot yet characterize. More data on that when available.

I have also seen stable installs/execution of Scratch, Idle, Idle3, and Pygame. With this, I am well on my towards building an educational platform using Dragonboard 410c.

The board does not reply to a ping, ssh, or other external access. Believe this is well established in that the wifi chipset currently does not reply to ARP broadcast requests.

I was surprised by how different Debian and Ubuntu were in some of their network handling, etc. Some quick items:

  • manpages are not installed by default. Use sudo apt-get install man-db to load them.
  • ifconfig and ping are not available unless you root. So, sudo ifconfig , sudo ping . Oddly, the ip command is available. From non root, to list interfaces and ip addresses, use ip address.
  • I have not been able to find arping or equivalent. If someone finds it, please let me know. I thought it was in package net-tools. Perhaps I need to install iputils-arping.



  • you’re right, there are issues with ping/arp. still opened.

  • man page not installed, I can check into that, and add it if others agree.

  • ifconfig is in /sbin, and in Debian /sbin is not in PATH for standard users. That’s why it works with sudo. but you can run /sbin/ifconfig as normal user too

  • ping should work without sudo. this is a bug… can you open a bug on bugzilla (http://bugs.96boards.org/)

  • arping is in arping package, it should work once you do apt-get install arping. Note that there is another one in iputils-arping

  1. ping without sudo results in:

ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted

  1. /sbin/ifconfig by itself does work

  2. sudo apt get install arping does work. The arping cmd also works. You must be root.

  3. Bug report is 206. Note, bug page needs to enter Debian as component option and 15.11 as version option.