Position of inserted M.2/NGFF NVMe card in PCIe connector

Looking at the PCIe connector in the photo of the Rock960 below.
Will an inserted M.2 NVMe card stick outside the board when mounted, or will it go across the SoC ?

To me it looks like it will stick outside the board.
Also, going across the SoC would prevent mounting the included heatsink for the SoC. Just looking for confirmation.

yes, it’s towards outside, two reasons:

  • we just followed the form factor of hikey960
  • the 96boards size (85*54) can not hold the M.2 2280 ssd

so we made a M.2 extend board to mount the SSD.

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Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: Looks like I should have visited the vamrs site.
I will check it out.

The only problem for now is that the new ROCK960 model C board with additional goodies like the above mentioned M.2 extend board are not available yet.

Luckily (this time) I can wait.