Porting of Android kernel to linux/Debian kernel

Hi all,
it it possible that i can port android kernel running on dragon-board directly to Debian kernel.will all supported peripherals on android directly works on debian.
what are some specific changes that i need to take care about file system and all other things.

  • Prateek

it should be fairly straight forward to run a headless system (no display). It’s just a few Kconfig that needs to set properly. You can check the file distro.config that we use in the regular builds and use it.

peripherals that work with Android should work with Linux, with the following exceptions:

  • display and GPU
  • h/w accelerated video

Of course some of the Android features (camera, GPS, …) require some user space (and often proprietary bits), in which case getting them to work without Android might require additional work.

Thanks ndec for the reply,
Right now i am using LA.BR.1.2.4-00310-8x16.0.1 Android release.it’s having Android kernel 3.10.
And all Ubuntu and debian release are based on the higher than 4.0 linux kernel.

So I have below things to ask you.

1.What are the Kconfig that i need to modified/Add for the Android kernel?
2. I have to back port all the drivers mentioned in the Kconfig for Android kernel??
3. what are changes need to add for the filesystem??
4. what are changes needed to add for the display and GPU.

  • Prateek


i don’t have most the answers… we never tried this specially…

  1. the first pain point will be to satisfy systemd. so please check that you enable all the options needed for systemd (you can refer to systemd documentation if needed).

  2. no need to backport anything. just use distro.config, in distro.config you should mostly find ‘generic’ drivers, so enable them all, as much as possible.

  3. normally no change. I have recently run a 3.18 Android kernel on another QCOM platform (without GPU) and the only thing really was systemd (but it was 3.18, not 3.10…)

  4. you would need a complete backport of the DRM/KMS subsystem onto 3.10. some people have done that for other boards, such as IFC6540 from Inforce, you might want to ask on #freedreno channel on IRC, or on freedreno mailing list. getting GPU will definitely be the most painful part.

have u done this concept @emblogic