Poplar sources now available

Hello all,

The initial source code drop for the Poplar board is now available on GitHub.com/Linaro.

This drop includes source for ARM Trusted Firmware, U-Boot, and a 4.11 based upstream kernel along with documentation on how to build the software and tools to flash it to the Poplar board.

This release of source code, tools and documentation provides:

  • The ability to boot in 64-bit mode.
  • Console functionality via the micro USB port.
  • Network via ethernet.
  • All cores enabled.
  • The ability to flash the board via USB flash drive.
  • Documentation

To start, please review the README for pointers to the instructions for downloading. ( https://github.com/Linaro/poplar-tools/blob/latest/README ).

This public drop is the first of many and the team plans on providing updates as we receive feedback and functionality becomes available. For follow-on drop announcements, questions or to provide feedback, we will use this forum. Bugs can also be submitted at the soon to be available bugs.96boards.org (Product: Poplar).


Glen Valante
Program Manager, Linaro Services Group