PMOD interface solution



Hello, I am considering an Ultra96 board for prototyping a high speed data acquisition subsystem, and would like to interface 2 Pmod-based ADCs to it without losing too many of the low speed IO connector pins.
Are there any mezzanine adapters or shields that I can use ? I really don’t want to design a board just for prototyping this.
There are plenty of lower-powered ZYNQ 7010 boards with lots of Pmod connectors, but they don’t have the horsepower of the Ultrascale+ device.
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Well, no replies at all in about a month… Can anybody recommend a solution that gets two 10Msps, 12bit ADCs into an Ultra96 without losing too many GPIO pins without creating a board myself ?
I have limited resources and would rather spend time on software/FPGA development than PCB creation.


Why no just connecting your ADC modules via simple jumper wires?


Hi Loic, of course for prototyping purposes that will be OK. I wanted a more professional solution that I could actually ship to customers. Our product run is probably less than 100 units, so if I can assemble what I need out of commercial components I am much better off.
For example I can connect a Cora 7 board that has two side by side PMOD connectors with two Pulsar A/D modules from Analog Devices (1Msps instead of 10, but 18 bits instead of 12). Then I just have to worry about software and mounting for the whole assembly.
In fact I might just do that for phase 1, but I am concerned that the software I need is going to max out the tiny Zynq device.


Ok, I’m not aware of a mezzanine offering PMOD interfaces. If you do not want to design a custom mezzanine, I’m not sure what could a more professional solution (maybe a prototype pcb board with PMOD).


Thanks, Loic.