Perf tool 820c with linaro debian



I am using dragon board 820c. Its running “Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid”.
Kernal: Linux linaro-alip 4.11.0-qcomlt.

When I try to run perf in terminal, it says exec:perf_4.11: not found. E: linux-perf-4.11 is not installed.
What should I do?

I checked whether the perf events are enabled in Linux Kernel and it is fine. Except ,
$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/perf_event_paranoid
Some document says it has to be 1 and some says it has to be -1. But I could not change it with sudo permission.

Is it possible to be super user, what is the password?



Either you can install linux-perf-4.16 and hope it is “compatible enough” with your v4.11 kernel. My DB820C has a running the more recent 4.14-qcomlt kernel and perf_4.16 top appears to be working OK. Alternatively you can build perf from the kernel sources (from the top level of the source make -C tools/perf will work… and cross-compiling with CROSS_COMPILE works fine).

To become super user when try sudo su.



Can I get the source code by sudo apt-get install linux-source and install it (which we usually do with ubuntu/debian desktops), so that boot loader can be configured to load the new kernal?

Will this method work for this linaro debian kernal?



That will fetch the source to the Debian kernel, not the custom one supplied with this image.

The kernel build guide for 820c is here (if you want to run the build on the 820C itself then skip the entire of the “Set up Toolchain Environment” section):