PCIe Link is not going to L2 state


We have connected PCIe device using M2 connector on Hikey960.
System suspend-resume is working with rtcwake command, but PCIe link is not going to L2 state. Looks like this is not handled in root complex. Please suggest.


Any update on this??


I’m not a PCIe expert by Hikey960 board design does not provide any means to turn off the 3V3 supplies to the card (they are directly attached to the LDOs)… can such a board meaningfully support L2 states?

Having inquired further, I think the reason that the board is designed this way is because the controller on the SoC does not support L2 states meaning any board level circuitry to support it would be pointless.

Thanks Daniel.
You mean Hisilicon SoC does not support pcie L2 states.
And also there is no way to turn off the 3v3 supply to the card.

Yes, that is correct.