Packet Loss Over WI-FI Direct (Legacy Mode) Peer To Peer (WINDOWS IoT Core)

We are experiencing high packet loss when connected Peer to Peer in WIFI Direct (Legacy Mode) Looking for a way to verify there is some throttling or bandwidth limiting that we might be able to open up. We are having slight but acceptable packet loss when connected WIFI normally.

Is anyone experiencing this and have your found any work around to getting this Peer to Peer connection up-to par?

I see no one is responding. Is this because no one is using the WIFI direct connection or because packet loss is expected.

This feature my firm finds un-usable and not at a level of acceptance. If anyone has anything to try that would be amazing. I am holding a launch and 500 of these waiting to get this functioning as needed. We have an outboard USB dongle as a “contentious” contingency plan.

We are unable to find any way to change the broadcast channel, increase or decrease power output, or any new options for drivers etc… Just a reminder we are using Windows IoT running the latest image.

We cannot be the only ones needed to use this offline peer to peer feature of the board.

Thank you for your time in reading my post and anything you might be able to contribute.

FYI all I just found out that the WIFI direct services has known packet loss issues and has not been resolved as it has become a low priority. Apparently no one is using this feature and therefore it has not been prioritized. Holding 450 Units and needing another 3k with this feature working. Tough Spot.

Sorry you were met with silence on this one. I’m not able to help with Win10 IoT issues but I do usually at least respond to let people know that relatively few Win10 IoT users hang out here and that other forums might be more productive.

That said… we have seen a few more Win10 IoT posts recently so maybe eventually there will be enough people here to help each other out. So thanks for the update, I know its not great news for you but it might help others in the fullness of time!

Out of interest where did you get the info that the WiFi direct issues you are seeing are a known problem and there are no plans to fix?

Out of interest where did you get the info that the WiFi direct issues you are seeing are a known problem and there are no plans to fix?

Thank you for the response. After we were able to order an $11 dongle to fix the issue we were able to get some info out of the manufacture in China. They stated no one was using the WI-FI direct like we were and they knew it had these issues. They have requested we send our environment off to them for them to test on their own. We are clearly trying to avoid this as it would be a time vampire. Our goal is to get our perfectly working platform to work in an offline state or peer to peer via our image using the windows IoT solution. It works well now however our graphing is sputtering and basically tons of packets are dropped. Dongle is smooth as butter.