OV8856 Not Detected Error -5

Hi 96boards team and members,

I have got 2 Dragonboard 845 robotics devkits for my own experiments. Right now I am interested in running the two camera sensors that come with the board the ov8856 and ov7251, but the thing is I cannot access them using libcamera and @robertfoss had a great explanation on this topic before.

Here is what is happening I have installed the latest version of linaro release the 21.12 which I have seen in the dtb and the source code that there is support for both of the sensors. As I do dmesg |grep 8856 I get the error -5 which is mentioned in a forum here has to do with CCI and communication having same problem on 2 boards seems quite redundant and I want to explore it more since I need these cameras to work. If someone has some clue regarding this that will be helpful.

As for the second part I am looking to Embed the driver support for IMX462 sensor from sony and also HDP230 from Pyxalis can someone point me to the direction to get it done. As final would be my own custom board with my own sensors and display using the TurboX SoM. I have seen a guide of bringing up multimedia (Multimedia Driver Development and BringupGuide – Camera 80-NU323-2 H January 31, 2017) but this is not for Snapdragon 845 but it is my understanding that the logics can be applied here. Let me know if anyone is able to help me in pointing to the right direction.


Hi Inam,

Using the ov8856 sensor, I’ve had the error code -5 issue too, and as best as I have been able to trace it, it stems from hardware connections.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting back to me for the error, I will hookup some logic analyzer to check the connections and if there is anything I can do, do you have any insights about the second part of query of adding my own sensor module support in the linaro I have the datasheet and the materials required for that sensor , looking forward to your reply.


The first step is getting working sensor drivers. I had a quick look for upstream linux drivers for imx462 & hdp230, and I can’t seem to find any traces any drivers. The first step is creating / finding v4l2 drivers for these two sensors.

The Qualcomm guide for bringing up cameras does not apply entirely if you’re building an upstream kernel, so I would be careful in assuming that the specific guidance that it offers applies to your situation.

Ok thanks for the guidance, will keep the forum updated regarding this.

Hi @robertfoss I looked at my requirements and found that IMX290 will be a good replacement for IMX462 and it has the driver available in upstream kernel. I assume that adding support for this sensor in the device tree and enabling it in the configuration will be the way to go. Sorry for being so basic, if there is some guide or documentation available to bring up camera sensors on the dragonboard 845c that you know about or can you guide me to the process of how to add the support for IMX290 in the dragonboard.