OV 2718 Sensor


DragonBoard 410C can support OV2718 or not?

this is a ‘raw’ sensor that requires driver for the QCOM camera processing IP (ISP). If you are using Debian/Linux then it won’t work at the moment. we are working on enabling camera with integrated ISP (that delivers YUV frames), but that won’t work for this sensor.

If you are Android, I don’t know the answer… so i will let other people comment on it.

I using Debian.
What OV sensor can be support for APQ8016 use MIPI-CSI interface?
who have sensor support list for APQ8016 .

Hi ndec,
Do The YUV sensors (smart sensors) need qcom proprietary source code)? Can it be done like soc_camera?

our goal is to be able to use YUV sensors without any proprietary code, using standard/regular camera drivers using the media framework. I will be able to give a better status in ~3 weeks from now.

could you expedite YUV generic camera driver using media framework if project is funded?

3A (AE/AF/AWB) should use Bayer-RGB input. Maybe Qualcomm can provide their ISP API library in binary for porting different CMOS sensor.


Wanted to check on progress, and to ask about which sensor you are doing your development?