Optimizing DragonBoard410c memory


I am using DragonBoard410c with Debian Linux, and I am looking for improving the performance of it, so
anyone succeeded in optimizing the run time on DragonBoard and can help me to fast the DragonBoard, and tell me ways to optimize?



Improve the performance when doing what? Many of the optimizations for an constrained system involve doing fewer things better (for example disabling graphics in order to save memory so you can compile bigger programs). Thus the starting point for any optimization is the work load you want to optimize for.


When running a deep learning model using TensorFlow.


When running a deep learning model using TensorFlow.

The general performance guide for TensorFlow is here (this is mostly
about ensuring the workload you run on TensorFlow is efficient):

If you have problems like running out of memory, etc, then you could
consider running without graphics and stopping unwanted services.