Operating System Versions Supported by Hikey 960

Hello, I would like to know what versions of the operating system android supports the hikey 960 development board ?. That is, if it has support for Android 4, Android 5, Android 6, Android 7 …
From what I could see if it has support for the OREO version, but I would like to know if it supports the previous versions ie Android 4, Android 5, Android 6…
Thanks for answering.

Only the AOSP master branch is supported. It might be possible to get Oreo running fairly easily (IIRC it can compiles but does not run well).

VERY easy to get 8 running – correctly – by using one of the known-good manifests from before 9 was merged. Goes as far back as Feb 27 / 18, although I’d probably recommend something from closer to the 9 merge, especially if the board is fairly recent. In some cases, newer boards will take some more effort to bring up due to code changes to accommodate hardware variations.

Thanks that’s a good point.

aosp-known-good-manifests are not based on the versioned branches for each release but they are effectively snapshots of the AOSP master branch at specific points in time. This allows you to back to before the Google code from 9 being merged and this will give you something that is a lot like 8.