OpenWRT on HiKey 970

Can OpenWRT support be added for the HiKey 970?
I could Frankenstein the Lebian kernel/dtb with a owrt root but I want to add kernel features related to routing.
Are all the drivers upstreamed? Could I just use the .dtb with an owrt arm64 kernel?
Any pointers on getting started would be appreciated.

I have some familiarity with embedded linux dts/dtb file, u-boot, et. al.
I don’t know the state/status of the HiKey 970 upstream or owrt integration.

If there is a different HiKey board more appropriate for a router I could look into that.
The 970 caught my eye because of the mPCIe and m.2 and USB 3 interfaces.
We want to do VPN/encryption so the A73 cores are nice as well.

I would start from a kernel proven on 970 and its device tree and then change defconfig to include the features you want.

I build with this kernel for Android branch: hikey970-v4.9
but I think it should work for other distributions too if you compare defconfig