OpenCL 2.0 on Dragonboard 820c

From where can I get the OpenCL 2.0 driver ?

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I don’t think such a driver is available for the DB820C. The Debian build uses the Freedreno driver, this has support for OpenGL compute shaders but not for OpenCL.

What else is false in the specs?

So far we have:

CPU Snapdragon 820E embedded platform, custom 64-bit Kryo quad-core CPU up to 2.35GHz , 14nm FinFET process technology
GPU Adreno™ 530 GPU OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP, OpenCL2.0 Full1, Vulcan, Renderscript, 64-bit virtual addressing

Technically the GPU hardware is designed to support OpenCL and these are hardware specs so they are not entirely incorrect. However we aspire for the 96Boards website to be helpful too so I agree they need to be corrected. Actually I already filled a bug report for that this morning: .

Looking down the list I’m pretty sure Renderscript would be in the same category as OpenCL. From a driver point of view I’m not sure which OpenGL ES version is supported nor what the Vulkan status is (although do note that freedreno does actually emulate full OpenGL to allow desktop apps can work… so in some ways it is more capable than presented in the hardware specs).

After that I can’t actually see much else that can’t be done although some features that would be realised on a co-processor on a Snapdragon 820 based phone might end up implemented on the main CPU for the time being and may also require packages that are not included in the images by default (audio decode and post processing, miracast, etc).

Thanks for getting the documentation cleaned up.

Is there any plan to support OpenCL on Linaro releases in future?


there is no plan at the moment. there are people looking at ‘compute’ and openCL in the freedreno community, so if they get anything to work, we will of course integrate, but we are not explicitely working on it ourselves. I recommend you check with the freedreno folks for a more detailed status.

Thanks for quick reply