[OE] SDK sysroot populated mismatch



Do anyone can help to understand how the command bitbake rpb-weston-image -c populate_sdk work?
When generating the SDK for the weston image, the sysroot provided by the SDK does not match the sysroot provided by the image. Some libs/headers are missing (as for an exemple GLES3 is not present in the sysroot build by the SDK).

I aslo added in the rpb_weston_image.bb the inherit populate_sdk_qt5 (because I’m trying to make SDK mainly to build QT app and I need the aarch64-gcc / qmake to crosscompile).

Thanks by advance,



I also encounter the same problem with ‘bitbake rpb-desktop-image -c populate_sdk’.
Furthermore, I tried ‘bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5’ & ‘bitbake meta-toolchain’ as well.
However, all these sdk images are unavailable. Some libs & headers are missing.


Hello Daniel,

So I realized that the image sdk provided by bitbake rpb-weston-image -c populate_sdk (+qt) has a small glitch in the compilation that made the qmake pulling linux-g++ instead of linux-oe-g++ (even though the platform in the recipe is well setup as linux-oe-g++).

As workaround for now, in the deployed sdk, I hard copied the content of mkspecs/linux-oe-g++ to mkspec/linux-g++.
I’m not sure to whom this problem may concern (yocto/qt/linaro)?

Let me know if it can help.