NPU applications

Greetings to everyone!

I saw the Android app examples on the HiAI website.

Does anyone know other sources of information on how to use the NPU in custom Android apps?
I tried using Ubuntu as an OS for the Hikey 970 but I didn’t have the software support for using the NPU.

It would be great to see an example of a neural network being trained on a host machine with the obtained model being transfered with compression to be used with the NPU on an Hikey 970.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @overclock,

NPU is a grey area of Hikey970 as we don’t have much information on how to use it. Hisilicon did release NPU binaries and HiAI stack for AOSP but it was never released for Linux based distros and none of the community members tried it so far!

No software interface for NPU on linux level now.

I believe it does have something to do with the IP. It seems to me that either NPU flees away from HuaWei HiSilicon, or HuaWei HiSilicon would like to do its own NPU?

Anyway, any NPU examples on Hikey970 now? It’s ALREADY 2020 …