Now it's the Android system, how do you brush it into Linux?


No suitable mirror file was found, have any more detailed suggestions or tutorials?Thanks a lot.


There are several experimental Debian 9 rootfs images available for download (use the list search function). Remember that you should run linaro-4.14-rc7 kernel to have decent hardware support, this is the only non-obvious thing about Linux on hikey960.


Thanks for your commit.What I found was the need to compile the kernel
Any Debian 9 link which can run in the Hikey960?


AFAIK, we have no Debian rootfs for Hikey960, but some guys reuse Hikey Debian root image:

P.s. I usually use Debian Jessie so didn’t try Debian ‘strectch’ before.


Thanks for your commit.I want to follow this to install Debian on 960 boards.